World Data Privacy Day

01 | 20

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World Data Privacy Day

Don’t “opt out” ... your privacy is worth celebrating!

On World Data Privacy Day, let’s focus on your personal cybersecurity with 10 tips to help you stay safe online.

  1. On any new device, set your privacy settings right away, like application permissions, social media and programs.

  2. Set your phone to lock automatically when not in use.

  3. Create a longer password of at least 12 characters, including a mix of capital and common letters, numbers and symbols, to make it harder to crack, for example “IN33dACoffeeBreak!”. Avoid using your birth date and even consider a password manager like DashLane, KeePass or LastPass.

  4. Change your passwords if your email, social networking, online shopping etc. accounts have been compromised, for instance if your smartphone has been stolen. You can check if your account is compromised here:

  5. Never use unsecured, public Wi-Fi connections for online banking and shopping. Also, shop from web addresses with https:// that provide extra security for your information, which can be checked on your browser using the (i) icon.

  6. Keep an eye on your bank and credit card statements and contact your bank immediately if you spot anything suspicious.

  7. Update your software, accepting the Wiko updates, so that it isn’t out of date and install anti-virus protection so that you won’t be vulnerable to malware and hackers.

  8. Avoid sharing your personal and financial info by phone, email or SMS. Moreover, never reply to emails from bank and administration asking you to fill out or update your personal data.

  9. When in doubt, delete malicious emails, spam, posts and texts with links, which are often how cybercriminals try to steal your information or infect your devices.

  10. Stop answering online quizzes that require very personal info in order to protect yourself from data or identity theft, like about your childhood, kids, tattoos, favourite foods and pets.


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